Transylvania Intelligence is a “free for all” platform (expert, amateur or aspiring knower) for those interested in the many branches within the realm of Geopolitics, Security Studies and International Relations, or to simply stay informed and have a better understanding of the world.  The platform provides rare from-the-battlefield news, tactical scoops, intelligence observations, strategic analysis, and actionable security solutions; all brought to you by a ”one man army” knowmad, based in the Transylvanian historical capital of Cluj, Romania.

The ”knowhow” is provided by currently pursuing an International Joint Master’s Degree in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies at University of Glasgow, Dublin City University and Charles University of Prague, also by the already obtained Bachelor’s Degree in academical field of Security Studies at Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj, Romania), with a personal emphasize on Intelligence, a hands-on, in-field experience in Turkish affairs and Middle Eastern context, in depth understanding of Euro-Atlantic institutions, many academic and general publications and an unconventional background in Fine Arts to compliment the traceable creativity as an analysis technique and a personal trademark. Also,

Products provided by this platform are based in text, video and photo, bureaucratic attitude or wooden language are heavily avoided as a brand objective is to present the content in an interactive, millennial way . Tailored products can be crafted by demand. For more info please visit the Contact Page. 

Contributors are welcomed, but support by like, share or any kind of feedback is equally appreciated. For pragmatical and time efficiency reasons, many quick intelligence observations or battlefield scoops will be shared via Facebook and Twitter. I heavily encourage those interested, to follow the pages in order to receive data in no-time.

I. V. Șutea